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Rose Monzyk was born near Washington, Missouri and still resides in the area. There was a short time when she moved away, but as is true for many of the locals, returned home to the quaint river town. She is one of eight children and still enjoys time with a busy, growing family.

Rose has always been drawn to creative pursuits but put those things to the side while raising three children and building a career as an Independent Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. She and her husband, Paul, enjoy traveling and experiencing history. As a result, many of her paintings are derived from vacation photos. Paul is the one who encouraged Rose to pursue painting again, when he gave her a set of oils for Christmas.

I love texture and color, in my paintings and in fabrics and yarns. I try to convey the feeling of being in a place. I want you to feel the warm sunshine in your face or the breeze in your hair, when you look at my work. I am experimenting with combining mediums and enriching my work with more texture and feeling. Art is a growth process. The inner child wants to explore, yet tries to hide if too exposed. Its always a matter of calling her out. I hope you can experience my love of beautiful landscapes and the emotions they conjure.

About 10 years ago Rose renewed an interest in millinery. She started to experiment and play with hat making. Instantly she was hooked. Rose is often asked, "How did you get into making hats?" Her answer is "I didn't. They got into me."

She began to study millinery textbooks and took classes where she could locate them. She found millinery to be a grand experiment. Rose continues to study, read and experiment. It allows another venue for creativity with fabric and color. She delights in bringing to her clients a beautiful hat that makes them feel beautiful in it. She strives to use time honored millinery techniques and quality details. Please browse her collection and if you have questions don't hesitate to contact us.

As an effort to expand her painting, Rose started hand painting silk. The love of brilliant color is her inspiration. She enjoys large format florals. Some of the scarves are then fashioned into jackets and shawls. The silks allow a fluid canvas and Rose can enter a quiet, peaceful world while painting.She is currently experimenting with more ways to vary her work and create her unique style.

The love of all this color and texture brings joy to each day as Rose is blessed to be able to spend time creating what she loves. Share her passion and indulge in a gift to yourself or a friend.