Millinery (hats)

These pages feature my handmade millinery (hats). You can wear them for many occasions, Easter, Mother's Day Teas, Derby Day, weddings, Red Hat events, tea parties, cocktail parties, or just to go for breakfast. I am proud to create these by hand the way milliners have done for a long time. Each of my designs is  made one time (except the variations category). The brims and crowns are wired with wrapped milliner's wire where appropriate. The wire is covered with a bias binding so that moisture will never rust through your hat. Threads are waxed for strength. Embellishments are stitched on by hand and not glued so that your hat can be redesigned without glue spots. My 'girls' are the best work of my hands and I proudly offer it for your enjoyment. Thank you for considering a "Hat by Josephine". I am a Juried Member of Best of Missouri Hands.